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. Laura Osteen - Manatee Woman ABOUT US
ManateeWoman.comThis site is about our dedication to sharing our images of the endangered marine mammal, the "manatee".   Come inside for a magical tour of the underwater world of the manatee along with other wildlife images.  We hope you will enjoy the tour and that it will leave you with a sense of wanting to learn more about our natural world.
ManateeWoman.comLaura Osteen - Manatee Woman LAURA
ManateeWoman.comLaura Osteen is a naturalist, working with educators and wildlife organizations.   Born & raised in Southern California, she has photographed marine & wildlife for over 20 years.  Her tremendous respect for the ocean & the environment is seen in her wide variety of photos including butterflies, reptiles, insects, birds, flowers, underwater expeditions, and scenic photography.
. Laura Osteen - Manatee Woman NEWS AND EVENTS Travels - I know I say this every year, but, once again, a truly great year to see our friends and see the manatees. We started out in Gainesville, but, this year, actually spent some  ... more Lens Cloths - We have been working hard getting our lens cloth business up and running. They are printed with Laura's nature photography and are great for all delicate glass surfaces.   ... read more

...... More designs coming ... please check back ..... Laura's Natural Images- Stunning nature photography in five categories:  Marine Mammals - Underwater - Scenic - Nature and Wildlife .. suitable for framing, available in 8x12 and 11x14   
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