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What should I do next? In order to be able to post messages on the Cat Forum: Related topics Stray cat Found cat. I've found a dead cat in my garden. The Road Traffic Act only gives rules around certain types dead cat on road animals: That is so incredibly sad and I know exactly how you felt, 2cats, just like the other members. There have been a few times when I dead cat on road been on the road and the people I was riding with feared for our safety and couldn't do a thing.
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He snapped back at me for fear I might hurt him some more, of course. But then I was thinking maybe it got hit, and if I pick it up, I could save it, if it was still breathing.

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How to Dispose of a Dead Animal

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You currently have 0 posts. I've found a dead cat in my garden.

How to Dispose of a Dead Animal

After I came across a dead cat in the street, I wasn't about to let cars run over him. Found this darling baby on the road, buried her in the yard. Dead cat on side of road:(- posted in Your Pets: On my way home from work today, I noticed that there was a dead cat on the footpath. It looked. There are dog/cat cemetery's, companion animal cremation, or you can bury your If any animals in the City of Los Angeles have died and need to be collected.
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Its pupils may appear larger than usual if it has died. And even though not during our lifespan but it will get better for future generations. Cat Discussion Forums Archive Top. How can I tell if a cat is dead or injured? I have hit a cat while driving. I feel so bad, so this morning I was driving to work and it wall still there. And AngelZoo, I am so sorry you lived though this kind of experience.
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I feel so bad. It is best to let animal control handle it.
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I was once driving on a country road and stopped when I saw a cat in road, it was obviously dead so I just moved it to the grass verge in case it's owners came. Finding a dead cat, whether in a road traffic accident or in your garden or grounds, can be a distressing experience. While difficult to face, there is likely to be an. In the unfortunate event that any dead animals are found on public roads, If the animal is a cat or dog, and can be identified through a tag, collar or a readable.
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