Is eucalyptus poisonous to cats

If you're worried sick that your cutie somehow got her paws on some fresh eucalyptus, be attentive to any signs of poisoning. The more you know about plant toxicity, the safer your cat will always be -- not a bad deal. University of Maryland Medical Center: What Are the Scents Cats Hate? Recognizing your cat's likely poisoning culprit could save him hours of discomfort, or even his life. Cats are not able to properly metabolize the compounds within cat phone s70 oil, and this can lead to dangerous toxin accumulation within the body. Apart from the image of adorable koala bears tightly cuddling its branches, the tree is is eucalyptus poisonous to cats revered for its fresh fragrance, is eucalyptus poisonous to cats height and pretty, bright red flowers.
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The eucalyptus tree comes from the land down under -- Australia. What Are the Scents Cats Hate?

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Below, brush up on the differences between phenol-based and water-based oils, and make sure your favorite essential is safe for use around your cat. Often made without phenol, cedarwood is a safe essential oil for cats—though you should always check the label for contents before use.

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

Even just a small nibble on a toxic plant can cause big problems for a cat. are also called “female dragon” and are toxic to cats; Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus. Pictured: Eucalyptus. Poisonous to: Cats. Google+ Pinterest · Share. Poison type: plants. LEARN. Poison List · Owners Guide. Essential oils can pose a toxic risk to household pets, especially to cats. peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, pennyroyal oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil.
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When a cat consumes generous enough amounts of the stuff, she may exhibit discomfort, including reduced activity of the central nervous system, throwing up, frequent and watery stools, feelings of weakness and excessive drooling. Eucalyptus in all forms -- from fresh to dried -- is used to produce many medicinal and cosmetic agents, including cough drops, toothpaste and even root canal fillings.

Eucalyptus Toxicity

Allow your cat to sit in the mixture for minutes. Even still, what your nose perceives as a pleasant smell may be overwhelming for your cat. They're still probably poisonous. The dangerous component of fresh eucalyptus is its essential oils, which are known as eucalyptol. Below, brush up on the differences between phenol-based and water-based oils, and make sure your favorite essential is safe for use around your cat. Responsible pet care involves acknowledging and adhering to the particular environmental and nutritional sensitivities of your cat.
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List of Essential Oils for Cats to Avoid:
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Scientific Name: Eucalyptus species. Family: Myrtaceae. Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Horses. Toxic Principles: Essential oils: eucalyptol. Is your cat living side-by-side with poisonous plants? Before kitty Common Plants That Are Poisonous to Cats Eucalyptus, Vomiting, diarrhea, depression. Browse this list of safe essential oils for cats to make sure your home environment is up to Citrus oil; Peppermint oil; Pennyroyal oil; Eucalyptus oil; Tea tree oil in cats, contact a vet or the Pet Poison Helpline () immediately.
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