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This gene causes a reduction in the amount of pigment produced, converting black into brown and rendering all other colours likewise paler than their usual expression. British Burmese also known as "traditional" silver burmese cat declassed as a breed by the CFA in the s. Choosing Burmese Cat Names The seriousness of the task can often make choosing a name feel like a minefield. Naming Your Burmese Silver burmese cat After choosing your new kitten or rescue an adult cat, the first order of business is to think of a name for them. The Burmese gene is also present in some other silver burmese cat breeds, particularly the established rex breeds, where it can be fully expressed in its homozygous form cbcb referred to as Burmese Colour Restriction or Sepia. From there, American and British breeders developed distinctly different Burmese breed standards, which is unusual among pedigreed domestic cats.
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How Long are Cats in Heat? Thanks to Jill Dugan -Shamonita Burmese for this information.

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You can also have a look on Petfinder. Stages of Kitten Development. Retrieved 25 February

Amazing Characteristics of the Burmese Cat Breed

The Burmese cat is the social butterfly of the cat world and an ideal family pet! With their Platinum – pale, silver grey with fawn undertones. In recessive form the dense gene (dd) is known as the dilution gene as it dilutes black (sable) and chocolate to blue and lilac respectively. i = non silver. Have you recently brought a Burmese cat into your life? Eos; Emma; Hansel; Mittens; Nuada; Oeric; Poppy; Silver; Trinity; Usha; Zarya.
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A veterinary-approved, well-balanced diet will help to prevent some diseases.

150 Beautiful Burmese Cat Names

In fact, it is also probably a good idea to meet one, or both, of the parents so that you can be sure of a good personality. Burmese are the most loving cats with the best personalities. Our two Burmese are called Craw and Bobo after two of the evil villians of Kaos in Get Smart — it suits them very well. These energetic and enterprising felines play fetch as well as any retriever. Their medium-size ears with rounded tips tilt somewhat forward on their rounded heads. Currently, the two versions of the breed are kept strictly distinct genetically. The gene is recessive, and both parents must carry it for the kittens to develop the problem.
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Full registration was obtained in November Currently, the British GCCF standard recognises solid brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, red and cream, as well as the tortoiseshell pattern on a base of brown, chocolate, blue or lilac. Burmese are a notably people-oriented breed, maintaining their kitten-like energy and playfulness into adulthood.
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Results 1 - 10 of 13 Find Burmese Cats and Kittens for sale in the UK near me. Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Burmese Cats and Kittens with Pets4homes. In recessive form the dense gene (dd) is known as the dilution gene as it dilutes black (sable) and chocolate to blue and lilac respectively. i = non silver. Silver Burmese Cat. likes · 1 talking about this. For all Smoke, Silver and/or Ticked-Tabby Burmese Lovers.
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