Cat hiding under bed in new home

He didn't like the bathtub last week, but yesterday I saw him go inside it. I would do the same with her as I do any new cat -- give her ONE room of her own probably the room she has chosen already where her food and water, litter and hiding place are, keep the door shut so she doesn't have to worry about strangers coming cat hiding under bed in new home, and let her settle into that as a safe space. Oftentimes, letting her adjust overnight will help her to get use to the sounds and smells in the new home. Welcome to The Cat Site and congratulations I hope on your move. Let them get used to hearing your voice.
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To make this easier, confine the cat to one room with the food, clean water and clean litter. She did start eating the canned food the acquaintance had given the next day, and also some of the dry food. Kitten Artwork… mike on Remembering Kitten Dante:

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Hiding Under Bed after House Move | TheCatSite

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Your vet can give you more specific advice about this guy.

Bringing Home A New Kitty

Today we moved to our new apartment and my cat is very stressed. a few places to hide if he ventures out from under the bed and feels afraid. Oct 3, Cat hiding under a dresser looking scared. my cat, Mimosa, scurries along and hides under the bed like the end of the world has just been. Cats are particularly sensitive to new surroundings and some may hide under a bed or in a closet for Cats are territorial, and coming into a new home leaves them feeling really If you prefer, you can buy a covered cat bed at a pet supply store. A wad of a tissue paper to bat around or a paper bag to hide in can be fun.
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They will become curious and will follow their instinct to investigate their new world.

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Do not bathe Fluffy! Our cat Lynn hid under our bed for the first two weeks. Let her explore as slowly as she wants. Answered May 27, Your name or email address:
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Allow her to explore a little at a time. Just make sure he has access to his litter box, food and water. No matter how much your cat glares at you, soften your gaze and blink very slowly.
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Jan 24, There she is, under the bed, in the farthest darkest corner. behavior in cats is a TOTALLY NORMAL and healthy response to a new home!. Today we moved to our new apartment and my cat is very stressed. Of course the cried all the ride to the new place. Now he hides under my. What to Do with a Shy New Arrival There is nothing like the anticipation of bringing home a new cat or kitten. The fun you will have, snuggles.
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