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The animation style getting high on cat pee pretty much getting high on cat pee same as in the heavy metal movie as well as the soundtrack and some scenes taken from the film. I don't know what the name for it is in real life though. After encountering the woman with the large breasts, he is shocked to find Kenny there as well, having found the cats Cartman hid in his attic. Start your free trial. Apr 3, Kyle's parents become alarmed by this and bring it to the attention of other parents, and Gerald Broflovski drafts a bill that will make cats illegal in South Park, whereupon all cats are subsequently taken into custody by the DEA.
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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Gerald finds out about this and asks to have all cats banned from South Park.

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As a result, Kyle and Stan suggest that they permanently abstain from using cat urine. Retrieved January 25, South Park declares cats illegal after kids start getting high on cat urine.

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Out of curiosity, what is the chemical found in cat urine that has neurological I just don't see how you can get high off of cat urine, though. Another weird cat related topic out there on the net! If anyone is a south park fan or has watched the show you may be aware of the episode. "Cheesing" - The newest trend of , may be the strangest and most dangerous way to get high yet. Cheesing Getting High On Cat Urine.
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As for the cat urine being used as a recreational drug, while I too find it hard to believe, there seems to be evidence online that it has at least been tried with some success by some people.

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Two different songs are alternately played in the "cheese trip" portions of the episode: The episode has the boys learning that you can get high off cat urine, so Kenny tries it and after getting high off it, he hallucinates he is in a fantasy world about to have sex with a hot girl! The boys then find Kenny, sniffing a flower, believing that he is getting "high on life", but Kenny then starts rapidly sniffing a handful of flowers and is transported back to his drug-induced fantasy world, much to Stan, Kyle and Cartman's horror. The press conference Gerald has with his wife standing next to him was made to look just like when former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer publicly apologized for being a client in a prostitution ring. Edit Did You Know? Can you say, "Excedrin? Best South Park episodes.
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Another weird cat related topic out there on the net! If anyone is a south park fan or has watched the show you may be aware of the episode. "Major Boobage" is the third episode in season 12 of the American animated television series kids on the dangers of choking themselves to get high, as well as other methods that are becoming popular, including getting high off cat urine. South Park declares cats illegal after kids start getting high on cat urine. Cartman starts hiding neighborhood cats in his attic to protect them, and Kenny becomes.
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