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Head through and disarm the tripwire, then go north and disarm another one before facing some more Salt Thugs--though this is optional. Return now wasteland 2 cat litter Lt. Approach it for the next destination. Return to the building you looted before and go east; you should find Wasteland 2 cat litter farm. Head back down the stairs and go west to a gate. Intervene in a God's Militia execution. Go to you locker and drop off your latest books etc.
Evie - Age: 28
Price - 131$

Around this area HQ should contact you. Go north now and loot another ammo box, then look for a woman named Maggie and speak to her.

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Wasteland 2 guide: upgrade your rad suits - VG

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Tell her you can't forget to start a fight. Then head over to Pat, who is asleep in the corner of the room. Speak with her and hand over the photograph Ralphy has been carrying for a while to get a Neutron Projector weapon.

Wasteland 2 guide: upgrade your rad suits

The cat litter objects are scattered all over the place, as unique rewards for various quests in the California area. Unfortunately there's no real. Upgrade rad suits (cat litter) | Santa Fe Springs - quests Wasteland 2 Guide In few places you will find bags containing eight pounds of cat litter each. Simple. Though I didn't took the 2 cat litter from Mr. Manners, because I kept him in charge and he manateewoman.com
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Princess - Age: 32
Price - 56$

Speak with Julianne, the barkeeper.

5. California

Once the enemies are all dead approach the hole in the wall and patch it up with the wood we found earlier. Ask to join the Church of the Vigilant and he will be suspicious of you but will allow you to help him, as it is to his benefit. Then head out to the world map. Through the door will be another intersection. Agree to fix it for him and go through all the other dialogue. When you have enough litter head back to Woodson at the main base and upgrade your suits. Head inside to speak to the Old Farm Woman, exhaust her dialogue and go west to find the body of her husband, which you can search for a unique assault rifle.
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Ashley - Age: 20
Price - 153$

Head north, disarming a lot of landmines along the way.
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Los Alamitos Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items ItemBag of Cat Litter. NPCThe Provost. The locations are the following: Rodia: 3 bags. Found on the farm in the extreme north-eastern end of the map, the uppermost level of the crater. Wasteland 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Cat Litter is a Collectible and essential mission element hidden in.
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