Keep cat away from christmas tree

Its motion detector will sense when a kitty comes near and release a keep cat away from christmas tree blast of spray. I have no choice but to anchor the tree to the wall. I put slightly crumpled aluminum foil around the bottom of the tree and it looked like a beautiful pond that was frozen. Storing an Artificial Christmas Tree. Exuberant cats running through a sea of wrapping paper. They don't like the noise and he hardly does it now! Thank you all for your suggestions.
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Keep your cat away from the snow by spraying it with bitter apple spray, or forgo the fake snow to make your tree safer for your cat. Hold off on decorating the tree for a day or two. This will be the first year our cat will be exposed to our Christmas tree, and we are very concerned about cat proofing our tree.

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3 Ways to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree - wikiHow

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The vet said it was a painful death for our cat.

Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

Here are ways to keep your fur babies safe this holiday season. Keep the tree away from launching zones (e.g., furniture) that your cat uses, in order to reduce. will help you keep your cat away from the Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is not only a potential holiday jungle gym full of shiny ornaments. Keeping your curious cat out of the Christmas tree is a wise idea for everyone . at night or when nobody is about, in order to keep the cats away from the tree.
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The rationale behind this is to provide an adjustment period for the cat, as well as a possible lesson for your cat in leaving the tree alone. Simply unplug the lights from the extension cord to turn them off. When you lock the cats up for the night, try to shut the door to the room with the tree.

Let the Novelty Wear Off

Many types of tree needles are toxic—some more than others. Unfortunately, kitties can intentionally or not ingest these things while playing. Don't use sharp wire to fasten the ornaments to the branches. Store presents in an area of your home or outside your home that is cat-inaccessible. December 15, 0 found this helpful. Not Helpful 18 Helpful You are one up one me though, I can't even find my christmas decorations this year, so I can't put my tree up we have moved..
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Keep your cat away from the snow by spraying it with bitter apple spray, or forgo the fake snow to make your tree safer for your cat. They don't like the noise and he hardly does it now!
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Keep cats away from the Christmas tree with fabric softener sheets. Encircle the tree with the sheets when you go to bed at night or when you leave the house. How to: Cat-Proof your Christmas Tree weigh in with any other tips that have worked for you to keep your furry friends away from the tree?. Motion-detection devices that make noise can be very effective at keeping your cat away from the tree while you are not in the room, although some cats will.
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