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So all of these items make cats like each other to be about 6 feet apart from each other to have the cats feel like it is separate. If they are swatting or hissing, then they are really stressed over the sharing. While some cats overlap their territories a great deal, others prefer to keep a good distance from their neighbors. In other cases, relationships change as the cats mature. When these needs are not met in the way the cat needs them to be met, trouble flares. Maternal aggression usually subsides once the kittens are weaned.
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My House is Not a Litter Box! Here Kitty Kitty Tularemia - What is it? Intact males are particularly prone to aggressive behavior.

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Aggression Between Cats in Your Household | ASPCA

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One of these qualified experts can evaluate the problem and help you manage or resolve the conflict between your cats.

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So, why do cats dislike each other? Really they do like each other. The problem is that the needs they have for space, food, water, and play are very different that . But despite her knowledge of cat behaviour, she just cannot get her cats to like each other. Amy is very pragmatic about their mutual dislike and keeps them in. 5 days ago Acting like a victim (slinking around, using submissive ​body language, hiding, etc.) They challenge each other with stares, forward-facing body position, Stick with it, but also realize that some cats may never get along.
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So our pet cats want to have their own beds, perching places, food dishes, and litter boxes. Only lions really live in social groups and depend on each other for hunting and such.

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Cats are a territorial species. Maternal aggression usually subsides once the kittens are weaned. This is like increasing the space by 2 or 3 times for the cats. They change roles frequently. Write or call me if you want me to go over the right way to introduce a new cat to your present cat. Other Types of Aggression to Consider Maternal Aggression A female cat with a litter of kittens may hiss, growl, chase, swat or try to bite another cat who approaches, even one with whom she was formerly friendly.
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Sale Tuscola, IL Feline Friends - How to help your Cats get Along. Foote's Farewell Who got a Puppy at Christmas?
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If they like to play, getting another playful cat is probably a good idea. This exercise teaches the cats that they get special rewards in each other's presence, . How to Encourage Multiple Cats to Get Along with Each Other. Do you have cats that don't seem to like each other or fight every time they are in the same room. When choosing to adopt a new cat, you'll want to make sure to introduce the new that both cats have proper time to get used each other's scents and sounds. a food/water bowl and a cave-like hiding box lined with something comfortable.
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