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Softest cat breed first Ragdoll cats came out of a cross between a white softest cat breed longhaired cat and a variety of local male cats until the breeder, Ann Baker, landed on a litter of fluffy kittens with the looks and temperament she wanted. While often thought of as a white fluffy cat or a grey fluffy cat, the Persian cat breed of today can actually display up to 80 different coat colors and patterns. This is a playful breed that is attentive to all that surrounds it. You need to have a Yummypets account in order to comment on this article. They are active, vocal, social cats. The Siamese cat is a natural breed with a truly ancient history that extends all the way back softest cat breed the Kingdom of Siam now Thailand.
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For this reason, it is sometimes also called the Iranian cat. Perhaps a bit of a curve-ball, but if you have met and snuggled with a Siamese Cat you will understand.

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If you are thinking of buying a Persian kitten, please check out this article on the Persian cat. Which is your favourite grey cat breed? Your email address will not be published.

Top 5 grey cat breeds

Who doesn't love a big ball of soft, fluffy fur purring in your lap? It's easy to develop a strong emotional attachment to fuzzy cats. For Jodell. If you're a cat lover looking for a breed with a great big soft coat that's fun to run your fingers through and snuggle up next to, then look no further. We've. 8 Cuddly Cat Breeds. By Kathy Blumenstock. While most cats are more than happy to be a bit, shall we say, aloof, there are some breeds out there that actually.
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The British Shorthair cat lives on average around 12 years. You get the Maine Coon cat, of course!

Maine Coon cats

These cats can live up to 16 years with proper grooming and vet care. Making it one of the fluffiest cat breed choices around. In the world of cats, the colour 'blue' refers to a cat with a grey coat of several nuances. It gives your cat a gentle massage while brushing out debris, dirt, mats, tangles and loose hair. What a great way to start — and end — every day! In fact, they are widely considered to be the fluffiest cat in the world by many cat lovers!
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If there were a supermodel of the feline world, this honor would probably go to the Persian cat. Despite the short length.
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Breed Description: Long haired breed of cat that has a short round face with a The coat of Cornex Rex is the softest among all the cat breeds. Don't worry if your favourite cat breed isn't on the list, within all breeds and mixes can be the friendliest and most affectionate individuals. All cats are different. Currently, I have four indoor cats of my own plus a mama cat and five babies that petting each one of them, I have to be honest and say that my softest cats are.
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