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Usually performed with the attacking wrestler standing behind a seated opponent, it can also be executed cat straight jacket an opponent on their back enabling a pinfall. Just like the original clawhold, the attacker applies a painful nerve hold to the adversary's abdomen, forcing them to submit or pass cat straight jacket. Moves are listed under general categories whenever possible. Usually performed on a charging opponent, this can also be a transition hold for counterattacks that sees the wrestler cat lifespan calculator many throws and drops like a DDT or headscissors takedown. Commonly used as a counter to an attack from behind.
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This neck lock sees a wrestler sit above a fallen opponent and wrap their legs around the opponent in the form of the figure-four , with one leg crossing under the opponent's chin and under the wrestler's other leg the wrestler squeezes and chokes the opponent.

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It became a popular technique for larger and stronger wrestlers as the lift is seen to emphasize their height and power. Invented by Chris Hero , this variation of the cloverleaf sees the wrestler hook the legs like a cloverleaf but weaves his hands through to clasp his other hand and also hooks the ankle sticking out with his leg left or right into his kneepit. This keeps the over leg, now under, locked while putting pressure on the leg and stretching the legs and back.


Put them into the cat straight jacket. The cat straight jacket is a bag that you stuff your cat into so that they can't move, and as an added bonus you get a muzzle. Does your cat need a timeout? Put them into the cat straight jacket. The cat straight jacket is a bag that you stuff your cat into so that they can't move, and. The New Cat Sack™, a "straight jacket" for cats, has a total of four zipper openings. These openings allow you to access most parts of the cat for many.
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The opponent begins supine, lying with their back on the bottom or second rope and facing into the ring. The wrestler grabs any of the opponent's arms, and pulls it to his back this would result the arm to be bent behind the opponent's back. The wrestler stands behind his opponent and bends him forward.

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Also called an arm triangle, this choke sees the wrestler wrapping their arm from under the opponent's nearest arm pit and across the chest. In this variation, the wrestler first performs the chickenwing to one of the opponent's arms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In professional wrestling this move is used to set up powerbombs or piledrivers. The wrestler pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back.
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The attacking wrestler can then arch backwards, pulling the opponent's head downward. The wrestler tucks the opponent's head face-up under his armpit, and wraps his arm around the head so that his forearm is pressed against the back of the opponent's neck.
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Loading. Angel Cat None by StraightJacket Artist Shop This line drawing is a design inspired by my cat who has saved my life many times. My angel. Size medium: fits cats 10 lbs. - 15 lbs. Includes a small cat bag and free small cat muzzle; Ideal for dental cleanings, injections, ear and eye treatments. Restraint was more along the lines of the cat-bag (a little kitty strait-jacket), “ brutacaine” (a skilled technician with a mighty strong grip), the.
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