How to give a difficult cat a pill

You can put the pills in them possibly even multiple pills and they won't taste as bad. How to give a difficult cat a pill mom has a cat who gives her a lot of trouble with pills, too. My mom grinds the pill on a spoon and then puts it in a small dollop of laxatone. Crush and sprinkle should work if it doesn't have an objectionable taste. We've tried putting the pills inside 4 gelcaps to avoid the bitter taste, but that hasn't made it one bit easier, and it probably even made it harder since it doubles the volume of the thing we have to get down the cat and because they get sticky once they get a bit of cat drool instead of getting slimy. Say whoops loudly and bend over to pick up the cheese off of the cat line tattoo.
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When my cat started having heart problems I had to give him meds twice a day. The pet piller does work. I medicate my Poppy every day and they work like a charm.

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Alternatives to shoving pills down my cat's throat? | Ask MetaFilter

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She begged for her meds every day after that, and everyone's life was considerably easier. Again from experience, some cats find this so undignified and insulting that once they figure out that you're just trying to get them to eat the pill, they'll do it themselves and save you both the embarrassment.

How to Give your Cat a Pill

I would say that this works for 4/5 of our clients with tough-to-pill pets. posted by . How do you give a cat medication under its tongue? August. I've been given 5 different medications to give him twice a day. . We had a cat that was extremely difficult to pill, but would generally lick up. Giving medication in pill form is a chore most cat owners dread, the best way to pill a cat is to prepare them well in advance.
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Also, if you use pill pockets of any kind, be sure never to get the scent of the pill on the outside of the pocket.

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My mom has a cat who gives her a lot of trouble with pills, too. If you're left-handed, you'll need to adjust them accordingly. When one of my cats had dental work recently, the vet gave me a pain medicine that's a creamy, gel-ish stuff that goes under the cat's tongue or along the cheek to be absorbed; and there was liquid antibiotic with a plastic applicator that, though you still need to towel-burrito the kitty to get it in, is way easier to administer than any pill I've ever had to give. And get miffed at you for a bit. Have several treats ready before you begin, so that you can offer them in rapid succession once the fun begins.
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The broth gave the food a different flavor and the fact that they were semi-dissolved meant that he couldn't eat around them.
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Giving your cat a pill Some would say it's one of, if not the most difficult aspects of owning a cat. They fight, they hiss, they're not afraid to. You place the pill inside the treat, smush it closed over the pill, and pretend that you are just giving a normal treat to your cat. If your cat is a big treat eater, and. ItÔÇÖs easy for me to give medicine to a cat. After a decade of The first dose was difficult: She fought me and tried to spit the medicine out.
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