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Patty Khuly's finished product: Pretty kitty silhouette with the dreaded stabbing device. The best cat pictures and videos. Wonder which dog or cat best fits your lifestyle? Crafting With Cat Cat hair crafts is definitely a specialised book, and one that only cat-lovers will appreciate.
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You need JavaScript enabled to view this video. The info sections are brief and easy to read, and include lots of cat photos to enjoy.

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How to Craft With Cat Fur

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This is very special and I will treasure it.

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A new book, "Crafting With Cat Hair," inspires Vetstreet's Dr. Patty Khuly to make some playful finger puppets using her kitty's fur. Cat Hair Is Festive for Japanese Craft Aficionados. Needle Felted Animals, Felt Animals, Needle Felting, Nuno Felting, Do It Yourself Projects, Diy Projects To Try . Yes, you read that right. There are all kinds of awesome DIY projects that you can create using cat hair! If you're used to do crafts that involve wool.
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A website run by cats, so you know it's good. This breed has three layers of fur.

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Ask me how I know this…. My Experience Before I start, I should introduce you to the real star of this review, my handsome boy Maui: How to Craft With Cat Fur. I decided to order this for my crafty, cat-loving grandmother for Christmas. Our new tool will narrow down more than breeds for you. Peeves Although there are 10 projects in this book, 1 involves wet-felting and the other 9 are all needle-felting projects. Or simply click one of these links before you shop at Amazon:
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Now take the process one step further by wetting the whole shebang with a mildly soapy solution and then agitate the fibers some more.
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Don't throw away your cat's loose fur after a good grooming session! Transform it Felted cat-hair crafts surged in popularity last year after the. A new book, "Crafting With Cat Hair," inspires Vetstreet's Dr. Patty Khuly to make some playful finger puppets using her kitty's fur. Her blogs The Laws of the Cat ( and The Cat Hair Craft Room ( are popular in Japan. Amy Hirschman is a translator.
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