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Previous Video Next Video. There are three different types of interview schedules to choose from: Concealed Carry is prohibited in Career Services Effective August jobs for cats texas state,concealed carry of a handgun by license holders is allowed on Texas public university campuses subject to the restrictions imposed by statutes and by the University President. Search Terms Start Search. Our easy-to-use database enables you to:
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Possess exceptional interpersonal skills. Fill out all required information including booth and vehicle registration and recruitment information.

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Fill in all required information. Previous Video Next Video. Find reasonable, optimal solutions.

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Vacant positions at the Texas State Round Rock Campus are posted on the Texas State Follow the link for the Texas State University Employment website. Jobs4Cats is your Texas State online connection to: • On- and off-campus part- time jobs, summer work and internship listings • On- and off-campus work-study. Concealed Carry is prohibited in Career Services. Effective August 1, , concealed carry of a handgun by license holders is allowed on Texas public.
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Bob - Age: 18
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Professionalism Improve professional image. Communication Record thoughts, promote ideas.

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It is highly recommended that you use a preselect schedule type. Previous Video Next Video. Adapt well to future innovation. Open - If an applicant meets the minimum qualifications, they can directly sign up for an interview. Set goals, manage conflict. For questions about on-campus interviewing or posting jobs on Job4Cats, contact oncampusinterviewing txstate.
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Students, Need Help with Campus Jobs? Jobs4Cats (powered by Handshake) has many resources that can be found at the Student/Alumni Help Center. Information about JOBS for KATS, a database connecting SHSU students and alumni with employers both on and off campus. A big thank you to Texas State Career Services and Jobs 4 Cats for putting on the awesome career expo! Did you get a chance to stop by our.
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