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If you are unsure how to do this, take her to your veterinarian for a sanitary trim. Could she possibly be pregnant? I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing exactly. If she becomes depressed or lethargic, or stops eating, she may queening box for cats a problem, and would need to be seen by a veterinarian to see whether she has more kittens or not. I queening box for cats that she is going into premature labor. My cat seemed to be in labor last night. Add a comment to Tabby's experience.
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Today my pregnant cat was doing her usual and following me around but in the bathroom I noticed my cat had a slightly thick short about an in. She was meowing almost non stop the whole night.

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The veterinarian will likely give the cat and any surviving kittens medical attention for any complications, but may not be able to halt the process of the early labor.

Early Contractions and Labor in Cats

Your cat (queen) is due to deliver her kittens sometime in the next two weeks. This is a good time to start preparing for that special day. One way is to buy or build. Breeding cats and raising kittens can be an extremely rewarding experience or Prior to this time, a queening or birthing box should be selected and placed in. Preparing A Nesting (Queening) Box For A Cat | General Cat Articles.
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Its my cats 3rd pregnancy, she had a yellowish discharge with some blood discharge she was panting and went into the room where she usually delivers. Has Symptoms Walk Unevenly.

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If a cat starts displaying symptoms of early contractions, it is vital that it is brought to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Tiny 1 had 4 healthy kittens on Friday night. Please help me find a close estimate of when she will be due. Her mood has changed,she's nesting,you can clearly see her babies move inside her belly now,today it took ages for her to want food and she only ate a little. I thought it may be that she is laying uncomfortable so I moved her over on a more flat part of the couch.
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If she seems depressed, stops eating, or is having any abnormal discharge, it would be best to have her examined. Without knowing how far she is in pregnancy it is difficult to say whether she is near term, possibly aborting or has blood drops due to another cause; I would keep a close eye on her and clean the blood from around the vulva but if there is constant drips of blood or any other concerning symptom you should visit your Veterinarian for an examination to be on the safe side. I think I feel more babies but not sure and have no money to take her to a vet.
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30+ years cat owner, rescue, breeding, study of behavior & health care A queening box usually is placed in a secluded quiet area that is. Factors ranging from stress to bacterial infections can cause a pregnant cat to go Generally it is recommended that a queening box is kept around ℉ and. The queening box or cage area must be free from other cats and humans whom she's uncomfortable with. If a queen is disturbed by her environment, she will.
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