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Fluffars unique cat names male my cat and I would like it to be passed down for any other cat that wants it. Not at all, Tonie. He is white with a few spots of grey need help picking a name. It also needs to be original as we already have a Teagan, Shae, and Murphy unique cat names male Bitty. I have 2 black cats, named Fat Boy and Itty Bitty. Also had a VanGogh because his left ear was cut and had a Charity because someone dumpted her at the vet and the techs pitched in and fixed her hernia then I adopted her. I have a girl cat named Charlie.
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We had a ragdoll wonderful personality here name was blue. He has Really lived up to his name.

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Unique Cat Names - Easiest Way to Find Great Names

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I have 6 cats. I have a female black cat named Sushi and a male kitten I think that im not sure what to call yet.

Boy Cat Names – 250 Amazing Male Cat Names

If you have a new kitty and need to find a unique cat name for him, you've come to the right place. We also offer tips of naming your kitty. You get one chance to name your kitten, so give that boy a good one. Make sure your boy cat's name is truly unique with our list of cool boy kitten names. Your new cat needs a name, an identity, a signature moniker. Whether it's something unique, traditional or totally bizarre, one of these male cat names will.
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Nikki - Age: 26
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Dalila — is an Egyptian name meaning sweet. Very sweet and very playful. Hi we have a mom cat named Dipstick.

Consider geographical locations.

Perhaps this can give us inspiration for a great name. He is really a Prince here! I have a grey and white cat named Scooby. We had a tuxedo cat named Norman. Kamilah — is an Egyptian for perfect.
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Lucky - Age: 19
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What joy they bring us! Cinnabun, Bubbles and Lily. I named my male Orange tabby Dude.
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Purfect Boy Cat Names. Helping you to find the best male cat names for your new kitty cat! From cool to unique, cute to color based. We've. Creative cat names that are just a little out of the ordinary. Boys. Armani; Sketchers; Yves; Valentino; Hugo Boss. Here are 50 name options (and the meanings behind them) for your new male kitten/cat. Angus: A Scottish name for strong cats who love their independence.
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