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New World Pictures picked up the film in May felix the cat: the movie, some time after completion, and premiered at the Wadsworth Theatre in Los Angeles in January as the opening selection of the third Los Angeles Animation Celebration. Felix the cat: the movie away from this awful film and stick to the classic cartoon. However this intro is a CGI head that might scare people out of the theater. Or else the talent didn't have any time or money. Felix was the star of this cartoon, but I also liked Princess Oriana and her change of heart towards him. There were a lot of characters in this and they jumbled them all together I don't remember much of Felix from my younger days, but I have half-remembered images of an irrepressibly cheerful kitty who pulled young williams cats things out of his "Bag Of Tricks" and tickled my younger self with his magical "anything can happen" existence.
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The Duke has designs on turning the beautiful pastoral kingdom into a profitable. I watched his review of this film on YouTube and it started with a repetitive outburst because he found it horrendous.

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Even though this movie is fairly clumsy, it's a guilty pleasure to me. It's so poorly written, so badly dubbed, and so badly animated that I just have to laugh at it. There are no featured audience reviews yet. Click the link below to see what others say about Felix the Cat: The Movie! View All Audience. Felix the Cat: The Movie is a feature-length film from The Renaissance Age of Animation, starring Felix the Cat (specifically, the Joe Oriolo incarnation of .
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Felix, with his magical bag of tricks, is soon transported to the Kingdom of Oriana. But Felix the Cat must bravely save Princess Oriana and restore order once again, from her terrible Uncle Zill and his smoke-belching mechanical troops before he can put his sinister plot into action! The film is about Felix the cat who travels to the land of Oriana to help Princess Oriana to fight off her evil uncle after a science experiment and wants to rule the land of Oriana.

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Once in Oriana, the tear tells Felix that it cannot guide him any further and vanishes. However this intro is a CGI head that might scare people out of the theater. I used to have this on VHS. Audible Download Audio Books. Ugly as sin, and made worse by repeated scenes, which only get uglier the second time through. It doesn't have sense, but it isn't supposed to have sense, that's the fun about this film. With his army gone, the Duke flees, swearing to return.
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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? To find help, the princess Oriana is her name uses a golden tear to travel to our dimension where Felix the Cat lives with a magic yellow back. A princes in another dimension gets captured by her evil uncle with a brown astronaut helmet.
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Felix the Cat: The Movie - Part 1. Animated films; the form of entertainment that people use when they objectively look at animation. The story opens in another dimension in the Kingdom of Oriana, where the princess is under attack from her evil uncle- The Duke of Zill- a mad inventor with a. There are no featured audience reviews yet. Click the link below to see what others say about Felix the Cat: The Movie! View All Audience.
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