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Eva Ries Saturday, July 18, - 9: Search form Search this site. But TNR can work. Cats will receive a spay or neuter, ear tip, FVRCP and Rabies vaccines, flea prevention, and ear mite treatment, if needed. Patricia Saturday, April 25, - 7: Feral cat ear tip all cats can be neatly categorized as feral, stray or pet.
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Precisely what cats caused on my own lands not long ago.

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Feral Cat Clinics

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I feed these cats every day but now I'm down to about 50 cats. They do this to save money and protect their outdoor hoarded cat colonies from being trapped and euthanized by the state because the clipped-ear shows officials that they have been sterilized and vaccinated. This clinic is not for cats that are pets.

Feral Cat Clinics

An eartip is the universally recognized symbol of a cat who has been spayed or Eartipping is a standard part of most Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs. When a feral is spayed or neutered, its right ear is given a small notch or tip. control officers, and animal shelters that this cat has a home and a caretaker. The tipped ear contributes to the cat's safety as it signals to animal control officers and Feral cats who have been altered have a tipped or notched ear. This is.
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If you live outside of these areas, view additional feral cat resources Rick Friday, April 10, - We would not even be discussing this is it were dogs


Many of which are even listed as bio-terrorism agents. Sounds like those cats are lucky to have you. Spaying and neutering more cats prevents overpopulation. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. When enough cats are fixed and their numbers gradually drop from natural causes, both the cats and the birds win. The cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own.
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An eartip means a fixed cat can be identified from a distance.
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Ear-tipping cats: What is it? Is it cruel? Find out why the tip of a feral or stray cat's ear is clipped off during a TNR spay or neuter surgery. Q: Why is a section of the ear cut off rather than just micro-chipping the cat? A: This makes the feral cats we are dealing with easier to distinguish from a distance;. The tipped ear contributes to the cat's safety as it signals to animal control officers and Feral cats who have been altered have a tipped or notched ear. This is.
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