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I've heard both seem possible, so I do both. I am starting to get sad, so just asking. My retainer brought back a fat cat about two ffxiv fat cat ago and its the second one I got from the same fishing retainer. And here I can't ffxiv fat cat a fat cat to save my life. They're only k on my server, but just weird I haven't seen one since the expansion came out.
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Also the reason my retainers aren't doing anything at the moment. The only thing is prices had dropped for fat cat so

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Requirements to obtain Fat Cat?

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It's the exploration option with gathering so I believe it is XIV. And I got two fishing retainer.

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I don't know if anyone knows or if they would even like to share, but are there any requirements to obtain the Fat Cat minion besides the stats. Fat Cat from FINAL FANTASY XIV is now available a super-sized plush cushion! Fat Cat is round and manateewoman.com two (2) per manateewoman.comt Size: Height. Fat Cat is a minion obtained in Waterside Exploration XIV, XV and XVI of the Retainer Ventures. Fat Cats won't move after being fed unless its.
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Princess - Age: 22
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Nah you are just unlucky, I still have a retainer full of fat cats but I can't sell them all otherwise I'll destroy my business.

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I don't know if anyone knows or if they would even like to share, but are there any requirements to obtain the Fat Cat minion besides the stats needed to be able to send the retainer on the venture needed? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: How will you call Shadowbringers. Originally Posted by Lemuel Which Role are you overly critical of?
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The fat cat minion was added in the update. Final Fantasy XIV. 猫部屋タワー【猫部屋ライブ み. Final Fantasy XV's FFXIV Quest Gives Hints For Upcoming Collaboration In Eorzea Fat Cat manateewoman.com · Minion Fat Cat (Minion) manateewoman.com, Fat Cat. FFXIV Las Vegas Fan Festival – Press Conference (Minion) manateewoman.com, Fat Cat manateewoman.com · Minion "When the master's away, the cat will play.
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