Wooden cat litter box

Overall it is a good litter box cover. The drawer is great storage for the litter scoop and plastic bags for litter disposal. Buyers are looking for reasons NOT to like your house and a litter box just chalks one up for their side. FYI it is bright white in color. I believe the weight wooden cat litter box a person might cause damage. I highly recommend this for people who need a litter box that is affordable, practical, and not intolerable to look at.
Sophie - Age: 27
Price - 106$

Assembly was minimal - maybe 10 minutes. When I got it, my cats all used it immediately and fit into it comfortably.

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This is the best and only solution I found. This was very easy to assemble and is a nice looking piece of furniture.

Kitty Litter Box Furniture

If you have a cat and you're sick of looking at an ugly litter box, consider our list of the top ten best cat litter box furniture pieces. Enjoy the towel bar and table surface as your cat enjoys privacy and comfort. Easily clean the litter box through the wide door opening. Instead of usingthis stand. Results 1 - 7 of 7 Shop Chewy for low prices and the best Cat Litter Box Enclosures! We carry a large Trixie Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box Cover, Brown.
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Mia - Age: 34
Price - 63$

We have put a matt there that we can take and shake out and that has helped! My kittens are four months old and immediately And I don't mind seeing it there at all.

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It also controls odor much better than a litter box alone. The laundry room is in the garage and there's really no other place to put a litter box unobtrusively. See All Buying Options. I got online and desperately looked at the litter box "furniture" but all seemed too small, generally way over priced, easily ruined and hard to clean, so I ordered this. The kitty uses it just fine she's 16 pounds and it looks x better than what I had going on before.
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Sasha - Age: 30
Price - 89$

Make sure it actually latches in, which isn't easy to do the first few tries, but automatically goes into place now. It's the perfect size and my cats started going into it right away without any problems. I bought this product for my laundry room.
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A clever idea is to put in a wooden box which has enough room for the pet. Jump below to check the options and choose the best wooden cat litter box furniture. If you have a cat and you're sick of looking at an ugly litter box, consider our list of the top ten best cat litter box furniture pieces. Cats are lovable, but their litter boxes? Not so much. Keep that essential around without disrupting your ensemble with this classic cabinet, offering an interior.
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