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Some top cat breeds are more suited to an indoor environment than others. Why are we asking this? Some breeds are noted for being vocal, and can have very loud voices. The Bengal could never be called delicate. Many breeds come in a variety of coat colours. Read more about Maine Coons.
Cosmo - Age: 21
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From Russia with love: Will your cat need to share the house with other cats or dogs?

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The 25 Most Popular Cat Breeds - CatTime

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Read more about Birmans. Read more about American Bobtails.

The 25 Most Popular Cat Breeds

The top 25 cat breeds according to search results on, from the Maine Coon to the Ocicat. For every type of person in the world, there is a breed of cat that will suit his or her taste and lifestyle. Here are the top 10 cat breeds. Use Purina's Cat Breed Selector to find the best cat breed for you and your family. Choose your ideal cat breed based on your lifestyle preferences.
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Dallas - Age: 20
Price - 164$

Read more about Exotics.


Read more about Bombay Cats. Siberian From Russia with love: This is a smart cat who loves to play and will thrive with a family who is willing to teach him tricks, play games with him and provide him with plenty of interactive toys. Read more about Birmans. The Chartreux might well be compared to a mime, silent but communicative and sometimes silly. Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook!
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Sonny - Age: 25
Price - 166$

The adaptable and good-natured American Shorthair retains his hunting ability, but these days he is more likely to be a family companion. Bengal The Bengal could never be called delicate. The Bengal could never be called delicate.
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Find more than 50 top cat breeds by type, traits, size and behaviour. Royal Canin's cat breed finder helps you choose your perfect cat. If you're thinking of going all the way and investing in a purebred feline friend, you have come to the right spot. Here is our look at the top 10 cat breeds. Use OPTIMUM's cat breed selector to help find out which cat is best for you and your home. Take our short questionnaire to help you decide.
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