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Your email address will what music do cats like be published. Before cats and music, there were… Monkeys and music! Cats have amazing hearing! This time, their research focus was to study music for cats. This seeming apathy, however, may be genetically programmed and cats may have more definite likes and dislikes than we thought.
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What Kind of Music Do Cats Like? New Study Offers Insights

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Teie then used this research to compose music that mimicked the sound patterns and sonic frequencies the monkeys used in their monkey-to-monkey communications.

Do Cats Like Music? Tunes For Kitties To Get Down To!

While some animals, like dogs may find music soothing, particularly classical, a recent study reveals that cats ignore most human music. How can you help your dog live a longer life? P.S. While I know our cats like classical music I'm not quite sure the full Overture complete with cannons. Here's your short answer: cats do enjoy music. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that your pet will start grooving to a song it likes, like the cats.
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Cats also respond well to sounds that mimic purring and the sucking sound that occurs during nursing. To hear Teie and his team tell it, cat participants in the research study did everything from purring at the speaker to rubbing up against it, jumping on top of it, curling around it and even scent-marking it! A recent Internet report asked if cats might, in fact, have definite musical tastes.

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Like so many things in the feline world, cats want their own music to listen to. There is also a dedicated cat music channel called Relax My Cat that uses musical instruments and human singers to create therapeutic cat music. Each cat listened to both human songs and then to all three cat songs. A recent Internet report asked if cats might, in fact, have definite musical tastes. Some are definitely into Jazz and a few like Rock but nothing too loud or too abrasive. Music cats love If you do decide to play any these selections for your cat, be prepared to watch for a wide range of possible responses. They also sought the most common tempos when one cat was in communication with another cat.
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Cats can love music, and the reasons why are fascinating.
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If cats do like music, then how do we find out what kind of music do cats like? For that matter, can cats hear music the way people hear music. A recent Internet report asked if cats might, in fact, have definite musical tastes. Now they probably don't like or even approve of Cat Stevens or. Cats, in fact, do enjoy music, but they don't enjoy human music — at least according to new research. A study recently published in the journal.
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